VONDELINDE is an architectural photography and filmmaking studio based in the Twin Cities of Minnesota.


About Peter VonDeLinde:

Peter VonDeLinde is a Minneapolis / St.Paul-based architectural photographer and filmmaker. While studying architecture and design at the University of Minnesota, he came under the mentorship of artist and architectural photographer Christian M Korab, son of the influential photographer Balthazar Korab.

While honing his skills as a photographer, Peter began experimenting with filmmaking as a way to better convey the more experiential and intangible aspects architectural space. By combining his sensibilities as a photographer and his background as a musician, he has worked to develop a language of cinema that emphasizes architectural concepts and evokes emotional responses.

Peter has created films about several critically acclaimed architectural projects, including the Weisman Art Museum, the Lakewood Garden Mausoleum, and the Streeter Residence.


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